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Yaagava Guru Foundation

Our Guru A Living Saint Guiding spirit, Sri Nataraja Yaagava guru
Guru, The spiritual master removing the impurities of the disciple takes him to the greater heights   displacing darkness (Ignorance) by divinity (Absolute consciousness.)
Sree Nataraja Yaagava guru, A rare perfected saint living in his spiritual body is guiding Madhu Yaagav, his disciple in all possible ways. The great perfected saint revealed himself to Madhu Yaagava 13 years back while he was doing his 10th standard. The guru informed that he was in his physical form 3000 years ago in Chidambaram a holy place where lord Shiva is in his Cosmic Dance and this is supposed to be the center place of the earth.
The hidden meaning may be that this perfected saint is an inhabitant of mental space known as Siddhaahasha (Chidambaram) located in between in two eye brows Agna center of the shuttle body (Center of Wisdom) connected to the middle of the head the locus of the OMKHARAA (Sahasrar)   where the divinity being experienced.
Presently the GURU is associating with Madhu Yaagav and  his selected well-wishers known as Yaagava family to guide to know and experience immortality.
The supreme soul is much compassionate to everyone. The disciples devoted to him can receive his maximum grace and expression of higher consciousness.
By virtue of long association of many births with this perfected saintly guru Madhu Yaagav is fortunate enough to share to holly visions the implications of the eternal duty (DHARMA) and supreme knowledge with the people all over the world to make then to live a life of liberation (JEEVAN Mukthi). Many invisible saintly disciples of Sree Nataraj Yaagava are associating themselves to work for the cause of Sree Nataraja Yaagava’s mission. They can also very much appear in their physical body too.
Madhu Yaagav has seen a handful of such saintly persons. The most noteworthy among them are Samukthiyambikai and Prana Prehavathar.
His mission has been launched by the Yaagava Family to execute all the visions of the perfected saint of Lord Nataraj Yaagavar

Aadhi Sankarar Temple

Aadhi Sankarar Temple.
“  I salute  Guru, who is the real cause of causes “
This Aadhi Sankarar temple has been in the super consciousness of Guru for centuries together. He manifested and filled with godliness.  In this sacred place Guru gave His darshan and real miraculous journey began. This is very rare siddha shrine in the world. Here presiding deities are Aadhi Sankarar with his concert Aadhi Amara Nayagi which was consecrated in 2007 at Kottur Malayanadipaatanam, 16 Km away from Pollachi TamilNadu
The statues of Moolavar, Dakshinamurthy, and Sadasivam are descended from our Guru. Regular poojas are done with Guru’s grace
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Meaning of Aathmanathavanam
Abinitio eternity is one without a second and is everywhere inclusive of its energy. The first motion in the form of vibration is known as primal movement and in any vibration sound is inseparable , this sound is known as primal sound (PARA NATHAM) of aathma the eternity.So, this emanation of prima sound of eternity is known as Aathama Natham the sound of the soul the Word OM.
Once a suddern thought process has occurred in the mental space of Madhu yaagav to find an exclusive picturesque scenic place to construct a temple to Samukthiyaambikai and Khala Samhara Moorthy in a park like forest area.
When this thought has become a strong will one of the devotees Volunteered to sell a land of 1.75 Acres extend at the foothills of Gopala swamy mount just below Thadakai nachi amman mount of Annamalai hill range .
Madhu yaagav purchased this land and Sree Nataraja yaagavar name it as Aathmanatha vaanam. Yaagava family started constructing temples of Samukthiyaambikai and kalasamhara Bhairavar as per the instructions of Guru Sree Nataraj Yaagavar and within a short span of time will be offered for the public worship after purificatory rituals ,rites & ceremonies.
Aathmanaathavanam is another sacred place   6 km away from    Aadhi Sankarar temple nearby  Angalakurchi  surrounded by Tadataka  devi hills  Where many siddhas  spent their life for penance   in past  and a sri Gopala  Swamy  temple is also there. This holy place  will completely transform every one to  cross the endless ocean of samsara through the path of renunciation
This holy temple is under construction. Here presiding deities are Samukthiyambikai and Kala Samhara Bhairavar.
statue of kaala samhara bairavar
Here is the Statue of Kaala Samhara Bhairavar
Madhu Yaagav
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Kottur, Malayandipattinam, Pollachi
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