Monday, March 23, 2015

Who is God? Siva? Yogi? Bhogi?

Q. Who is God?
A. It's not "Who" but "What" is God?
Q. Okay! Then "What" is God?
A. "That" is God!
Q. Who is That?
A. That is exactly "What" is God and not "Who".
Q. Now I am confused?
A. Good. That's what happens, when you try to understand "That", equating it with a "Who" and that too with your intellect.
Q. Why not?
A. Intellect is limited; how can it fully understand "That" which is limitless?
Q. Then how to understand?
A. By becoming one with it.
Q. How to become one with it?
A. By becoming aware of it.
Q. How's that possible?
A. By knowing that you are no different from it.
Q. When that happens, what happens?
A. What happens when salt or sugar is dropped in Water?
Q. It dissolves!
A. Indeed. You too shall dissolve and become a part of it.
Q. Which is?
A. Tat Twam Asi! (You are That!)
~ The Mirror simply reflects what's shown; it never changes with what's reflected.

Q. Who is Siva?
A. The indivisible and invisible whole.
Q. What is Jiva?
A. The divisible and visible parts of the whole.
Q. What's their connection?
A. The same that's there between a drop of Ocean and the Ocean.
Q. Is Siva an Ocean?
A. An ocean of all Jivas, which culminates in Siva.
Q. If Siva is the Ocean, then who is Shakti?
A. The power to make the Ocean churn out waves.
Q. With that what happens?
A. With each wave a new Universe is born.
Q. Where will it all go?
A. When the force is centrifugal, it's creation; When centripetal it's dissolution.
Q. What is the basis of all this?
A. Siva and Shakti!
Q. Where is the basis of all this?
A. Sri Chakra!
Q. What is this Sri Chakra?
A. A blue print of the Universe.
Q. Where to find it?
A. There where the deity resides.
Q. Where would it be?
A. In a temple of course.
Q. Which temple?
A. The Temple of Human Body.
Q. What?
A. The perfect Sri Yantra, is the body itself. In it, lies the gateway to another perfect world.

Q. Who is a Yogi?
A. The One who has controlled his Body, Mind and Breath.
Q. Who is a Bhogi?
A. The One who is controlled by Body, Mind and Breath.
Q. Who is a Drohi?
A. The One who has misused His Body, Mind and Breath.
Q. Who is a Devotee?
A. The One who is trying to control His Body, Mind and Breath.
Q. What is common between the above four?
A. The above four has all the above three, viz. Body, Mind and Breath in common. What they do with it, makes the difference.
Q. How is the Body of the four?
A. The Yogi's body is steady and light; the Bhogi's body is flabby and heavy; the Drohi's body is painfully famished by constant misuse.
Q. How is the Breath of the four?
A. For the Yogi, it's like steady candle flame in a windless night. For the Bhogi, sometimes it's steady, and at other times flickering. For the Drohi, it's constantly, in the fear of being extinguished.
Q. How is the Mind of the four?
A. The Yogi's mind is at peace; the Bhogi's mind is trying to find peace; the Drohi's mind is in pieces.
Q. You haven't told anything about the Devotee?
A. Yes. Because He has a choice between the three and can be whatever likes to be.

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