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Aadhiamaranayagi udanamar Aadhisankarar kumbabisekam

Aadhiamaranayagi udanamar Aadhisankarar kumbabisekam 13-04-2014 ( Sunday)

The perfected saint Sree Nataraja Yaagava frequently revels himself in his physical form to have spiritual discourses with Madhu Yaagav occasionally his voice is only being heard by his other close devotees.

His likely appearance is always being indicated by pleasant flowery fragrance and also smell of camphor.

A temple had been constructed at Chella muthu Nagar , Kottur Malayandipattinam in the year 2007 exactly according to the design & instructions of Sree Nataraja Yaagav. The presiding deities are Aadhi Amara Nayahee along with Aadhi Sankar. The both the deities are in one single granite slab with unique sculpture. It was presented by this in visible perfected Guru which is a rare Miracle.
The idols associated deities in the same temple Lord Shatha Shiva And Lord Dhakishna Moorthy were also presented by invisible Guru who can appear in his physical form whenever & wherever he desires.

It is a astonishing factor that every year in the auspicious day of Karthigai Jothi (Worship of Light in the Tamil month of Karthigai). A carpet like flowers spread of Chambikaai flowers is seen in the wee hours from the threshold to the sanctum of sanctorum of the temple.
Similarly, every year in the auspicious day of Shiva Rahtiri ( dark night of lord Shiva), In the third eyespot of Aadhi Shankar lingam idol a luminescent light is been seen by every one for few seconds.
In each praodhasa day (i.e, on every 13th day of ascending & descending lunar period).
The idol is being purified by pouring milk known as abhishekam. This sanctified milk has cured breathing problems like veezhing to many people.

Donations are accepted to complete the construction and perform Kumbabhisekam of Sri Kalasamhara bhairavar and Arulmigu Samukthiyambikai temple in Angalakuruchi . The construction is almost complete and we are unable to proceed further with planned activities, as the funds have dried up We request you all to support this noble cause. Donations can be made to this account

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